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AGROLUX High Pressure Sodium Lamp


Professional Horticultural Lighting

Natural light alternative

AGROLUX lamps produce a spectrum that increases flowering, fruiting and budding in plants.

AGROLUX High Pressure lamps Sodium produce a spectrum that stimulates rapid flowering development in plants.
The warm orange and red light of AGROLUX HPS and cooler blue and white light of MH can be used together to give fuller spectrum growth to enhance both the flowering and growth stage.


AGROLUX lamps advantage
-fast start up
-long life
-ideal for controlled and consistent plant growth and flowering
-suiatble for open fixtures
-for use in commercial growing and flowering applications, greenhouses or home hobby growers.
-universal fit
-E40 base
-High output
-compatible with all HPS magnetic ballasts
-compatible with most digital ballasts (240V)




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