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JCones KING size 3 Pack


Hand Rolled Cones with passion!

King size 3 Pack
The King size paper cones is the most popular size for pleasure smokers around the world. With only 3 pieces in this pack it is perfectly suited for those whom want to try the convenience of using pre-rolled's.

Our hand rolled cones are made of light cigarette paper with an ultra-thin glue line.

We only use food grade glue and high quality paper for all our cones and filters.

Our pre-rolled papers are made from the thinnest and most translucent cigarette paper. The ultra-thin glue line (0.5mm) is made from the highest quality food-grade glue. Their measurements and shape have been developed to perfectly meet the desires and requirements of coffee-shops and users alike and can be used best with the specially designed filling system from Jware as well with your existing filling equipment.

JCones…keeps on rolling for you!!!


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