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Asensetek Lighting Passport Pro Spectrometer


The Lighting Passport Essence Pro, The World's First Smart Handheld Spectrometer - Light Measurement Tool - Lightweight and Portable


Lighting Passport Pro Features

Lighting Passport Pro is not only the “World’s First Smart Spectrometer” with powerful capabilities, but now it also integrates 6 whole new features, including Flicker measurability and is ready to blow your mind!

■ State-of-the-art MEMS technology that integrates Flicker measurability.

■ Conformance to U.S. IES / ASSIST / Energy Star / etc… standards.

■ A variety of APPs for all lighting applications.

■ Accurate presentation on lights and colors of all kinds.

■ Instant and transboundary communication.


Flicker Sensor (+- 5% accuracy)

■ Flicker Frequency (5 – 200Hz)
■ Flicker Percentage
■ Flicker Index

PC Control

■ Users can use a PC (Supports Windows system now) to control Lighting Passport Pro series and take measurement.

Precision Mode

■ Enhance measurement repeatability. (For Lighting Passport Pro ONLY.)

Temperature and Relative Humidity Sensor (Comply to our operating environments.)

■ Automatically record the Temperature and Relative Humidity of the environment where the measurements are taken.

Enhanced Battery Duration

■ Now, with battery fully charged, users NOW get an extra 20% power capacity.

Social Media Integration

■ Users can share measurement data via social media including Instant Messengers like: WeChat / Twitter / Line / Facebook / Messenger / Whatsapp / SMS / Others


INTERNATIONAL LIGHTING STANDARD DATA - The Lighting Passport Essence Pro can measure more than 90 different parameters such as Illuminance, CCT, CRI, R1 to R15, CIE 1931 & 1976 and Spectrum data to assess whether a light source meets specific standards (NIST Traceable). PPFD, is availlable on the Spectrum Genius Agricultural App, need to buy the license for 200$ in app purchase
SHOWCASE DIFFERENCES USING THE COMPARISON FUNCTION - Efficiently compare two datasets collected using the measurement function, including a graph comparison for spectrum readings, CCT, CRI and illuminance values.
PRECISE AND RELIABLE READINGS - Driven by a patented optimal spectrum and an integrated sensor system, gather accurate lighting data instantly from any light source. Perfect for lighting designers, entertainment and architectural lighting.
INCREASE YOUR EFFICIENCY AT WORK - Highly compact, lightweight and portable, easily carry the light testing spectrometer everywhere as your personal lighting advisor. Bring photometry to the next level, make design and validation decisions in just a few seconds.


Spectrum Genius Apps are powerful mobile applications which can measure the truly information of light source and share those data immediately, as well as it should be collocated with smart spectrometer “Lighting Passport”.

Spectrum Genius Mobile and Spectrum Genius Essence provide you the friendly UI and rich information critical to everyone concerns about light and photometry.

You can measure and get :

Spectrum, CCT, CRI, R1~R15, CQS, Illuminance (lx), Foot Candle (fc), λp, λD, CIEx , CIEy, CIEu’, CIEv’, Purity, C78.377-2008, IEC-SDCM, Duv, Sp ratio, and so on. (More information, see the spec.)

With Spectrum Genius and Lighting Passport, you will become a lighting expert, and no more obstacles in communicating with supplier, partner, customer, designer ,film maker and photographer.


 Spectrum Genius Agricultural Lighting, A Grow Light Efficient Detection

Spectrum Genius Agricultural Lighting (SGAL) is a professional app for checking growth lamps and horticultural lighting, it allows user checking the grow light distribution at each wavelengths; its unique “PAR Action Spectrum Benchmark” can help user to analyze the target growth light source more effective.

With the worldwide first smart spectrometer, Lighting Passport, SGAL will provide several unique convenience features for users, they can directly check the measurement spectrum and active radiation spectrum to analyze the effectiveness of the target growth light source with the two spectral comparison; “Weighted Spectrum”, it will helps users choose more efficient growth light, help the plants grow healthier.


Provide you all necessary measurement information.

■ Import PAR reference
Users can import their original PAR reference to their SGAL by PC, and Asensetek will also update the built-in PAR reference continuously.

■ Custom PPFD range
We are going to allow users to customize the PPFD range, which will help users effectively sieve out their need from numerous growth light commodities.


The Flexible Measurement Mode

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■ Diary
An unique function for recording the light source information and growth change day by day, it can also help user to make an intelligent management and analyze those data to improve efficiency and quality.

■ Single
Single mode is for measuring unitary light source

■ Multiple
Multiple mode is for averaging more than one light sources.


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