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Bluelab Multimedia pH Replacement Probe


Bluelab Multimedia pH Replacement Probe

NZ made, Bluelab Leap pH probe is the ultimate tool for hydroponic gardeners! Leap Probe is able to accurately measure the pH of your substrate, soil or liquid solutions! Perfect for checking the reservoir before you feed, maintaining a healthy substrate pH and ensuring the run-off is acceptable, giving you the complete picture!

Reliably measure the pH level across a wide range of media. Suitable for use with all Bluelab® products that use a BNC connection.

The Bluelab® Leap™ pH Probe can be used by everybody from the home enthusiast through to more robust commercial applications. Team with Bluelab® Solutions.

• Easy to clean
• Gel filled (non-refillable)
• Double junction reference
• Waterproof cable joint
• Probe holder included – keeps probe secure
• Quality BNC connection
• 2 meter / 6.5 foot standard cable


Fast, accurate pH measurement in nutrient solution and root-zone from the palm of your hand.

Combine the Bluelab® Multimedia pH Meter (sold separately) and Bluelab® LeapTM pH Probe to take fast accurate measurements in nutrient solution, soil, coco coir, rockwool, potting mix and many other media types.

Calibration is simple with one push button on the meter and fresh Bluelab® Calibration Solutions. Successful calibration indicator is displayed on screen, after 30 days this will disappear, to indicate when re-calibration is required.

Team with the Bluelab® Solutions and the convenient Bluelab® Carry Case. Replacement Bluelab® pH or LeapTM pH Probe available too.

Media these products can test pH in include:

Coco Coir
Potting mix
Nutrient Solution

Test more with a faster sensor response and direct measurements from substrates
Multimedia friendly, for measurements
across a range of environments
Toughened spear tip for direct root-zone


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