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  • Pocket sized
  • low cost
  • Relialible easy operation
  • Automatic temperature compensation
  • Dual display PPM + temperature (TDS-1395 model only)
  • Waterproof (EC-1385 and EC SHAKE model only)
  • Data hold (EC-1385 model only)
  • Replaceble probe (EC-1385 model only)
  • CF measurament (CF-1361 + EC-1385 model only)
  • PPM measurament (TDS-139 + TDS-1395 + EC-1385 models only)
  • EC+PPM+CF measuraments (waterproof model EC-1385 only)
  • No batteries required (EC SHAKE only)
  • Calibration free (EC Shake, ECO Stick and Truncheon only)
  • Auto on/off function (EC SHAKE, ECO STICK , TRUNCHEON only)
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