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LEDex B110 Bar


LEDex B110 Blue Spectrum Bar


Nanolux LEDex Series Fixtures are designed for full-cycle commercial cultivation that features many advantages compared with traditional light sources, bringing new efficiencies for your grow facility that weren’t possible before. This technology is revolutionizing the horticultural lighting industry in both lowering electric usage and increasing overall crop yield.

Nanolux distributes the 110W bars individually in case quantities. This allows you to utilize only the number of light bars as needed per track to meet your over all required PPFD on your canopy. The individual LED bars can also be used individually for side or intra-canopy lighting without the track.

Nanolux has designed its LED fixture around a modular concept. We sell tracks in 2’, 4’ and 8’ lengths. The tracks are designed for the 2’ track to accept 2-4 bars, the 4’ track to accept 4-8 bars and the 8’ track to accept 8-16 bars. This allows the end user to be able to adjust the overall light intensity over the canopy area and allows for greater ability to raise and lower the light over the canopy while maintaining a desired umol count.

Nanolux has designed five different bars with five different specific light frequency outputs. Full white, Blue, Blue/Red, Red and UV. This allows the end user to mix for white light with specific frequencies to aid in vegetative and flower growth.

LEDex Series fixtures allow random start, soft start, soft dimming capabilities, and feature over temperature protection, under voltage protection and open / short circuit protection. It is 0-10V COMPATIBLE, allowing control of your lighting with 0-10V protocol. The units can be used at any voltage range between 100-277 volts.


The BLUE light bar is dimmable from 25%-100%.

This 440nm BLUE light bar is a supplemental component.

NanoLux 110 Watt Blue LED Bar Light is optimized for full-cycle cultivation and provides several advantages over conventional light sources, allowing your indoor grow facility to achieve previously unattainable efficiencies. This light is transforming the horticultural lighting industry by lowering electric power consumption while still optimizing crop yield.

The 110W bars are designed around a modular concept (2’ track accepts 2-4 bars, the 4’ track accepts 4-8 bars, and the 8’ track accepts 8-16 bars). The light bars are distributed individually, enabling you to use the number of bars that meet your overall Photosynthetic Photon Flux Density (PPFD). The individual light bars can be used separately without the track to provide inter-canopy or side lighting.

This product features over-heating controls, under-voltage controls, and open circuit/short circuit protection. It also comes with an amazing random start, soft start, and soft dimming capabilities.

Furthermore, this LED Bar Light is 0-10V COMPATIBLE, meaning you can use it to monitor the lighting using the 0-10V protocol. The product will work with any voltage between 100 and 277 volts.




Note: This Blue440nm light bar is a supplemental component that makes up the NanoLux LEDex Modular Grow Light . This bar light IS NOT MEANT to be used a stand-alone grow light but as component for the NanoLux LEDEX Modular Grow Light.

The Power cord is NOT INCLUDED with the individual bar light but is included with the entire LEDEX Grow Light



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