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1 Lb Hemispherica Extractor


1 Lb Hemispherica Extractor


1LB closed loop extractor with hemispherica lid and dip tube,sight glass,with 3″x18″ stainless steel column with 5″ dewaxing sleeve
Specialized extraction system/extractor kits.
This is state of the art latest techology extraction system for a low cost with a high return.
This system re-claims carriers to save money in long run.
Large reclaiming tank included with new lid and dip tube.
All high end stainless parts, screens, valves etc.
Unit now contains a clear glass sleve for process inspection.
De waxing stainless sleve.
This new model also now comes with Hemispherical lid and dip tube on both tanks.


unit can be also modified to different configurations.

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