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Hydraulic Rosin Hot Press


6 Ton Hydraulic Rosin Hot Press


This Hydraulic Rosin Press generates 6 Tons of crushing force and is equipped with 75 x 120mm insulated solid aluminum dual heating plates, precise temperature and timer control with a built-in power conservation option, and a carrying handle.
The pressure and ram speed is controlled by simple pumping of the cranking handle.
The press purchase includes a 3-prong power cord, pump handle and instruction manual.



Supplied with 240V Australian power pack.

Dabbing or vaporizing a primo rosin is just about the cleanest, purest most flavorful way to consume your botanicals right now—and usually comes with a price tag to match!
However, rosin is actually one of the simplest, quickest extracts to make.
New to rosin and rosin presses? No problem, you’ll learn everything you need to know about rosin, the relative merits of each type of press and how to choose the exact right press for you. You just need the right equipment…



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