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Ed Rosenthal’s Zero Tolerance™ offers advantages over other natural products, and poisonous pesticides and fungicides. ZT leaves no residue (unlike Neem oil) because the highest quality food grade oils of cinnamon, clove, rosemary, and thyme evaporate fully. It is safer for the garden than Pyrethrum, which is toxic to fish and reptiles.

Why Zero Tolerance?

Every garden gets infested at some point. When it happened to me, I realized I needed to find a remedy that is natural and safe to use. We are putting the harvest into our bodies after all. So I started looking for a natural garden solution and came up short. Most products use a lot of pretty nasty chemicals to keep pests at bay. If it takes out the resilient critters in one application it makes you wonder how safe that stuff really is.


Studying plants all my life, I knew that a lot of them developed their own defense mechanism against a variety of pests. I was intrigued and my search/research began. It took me almost a decade to get it right, but now I can say with confidence I developed a non toxic and safe [for your family and pets] natural garden solution that is effective and clean. Zero Tolerance just got the OMRI certification [] which approves Natural Garden Solution's products for organic gardening.


We are continuing our research to push the boundaries without compromising safety. I hope you will find our product useful and effective.




Ed Rosenthal


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