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Fresh air mixes with H20, maximizing aeration levels. Cool ambient air blows across the reservoir, combating any excess heat and creating ideal conditions for roots to flourish. Round edges makes cleaning easy and effective. Up to 4 times more air supplied to the root zone than other systems. Space saving design allows more sites per unit.

The revolution is here! The TurboKlone gives you more clone sites & more oxygen to the rooting zone?while creating less heat and less mess. An absolute must have for serious growers!


TurboKlone Units

Reservoir: Custom ABS Plastic Clone Capacity:
24-144 Cutting Medium: Custom Polyethylene Collar (included)
Water Pump Grade: xxx – 650 gph
Optimal Water Temp: 65-75? F.
Optimal Water PH: 5.5-6.3
Recommended Lighting: T8 or T5 Florescent or Natural
Custom Features:

Longer lasting, more durable Polyethylene Collars.
Reservoir is stronger and easier to clean.
Fan system provides constant oxygen and keeps temperatures optimal for rooting.
More Klone sites in the same dimensional footprint as other systems on the market.
It’s a fresh idea that’s putting a new spin on cloning!

Tired of fighting with high temperatures that are killing your roots?

Need a way to clone without having to use timers, chillers or other expensive accessories?

The Solution: TurboKlone!

TURBO KLONE LINE UP: from 24 to 144 sites


Increased Fan Power
That’s right! We’ve taken our standard TurboKlone® fan and upgraded it to a TurboKlone 4,800 RPM Elite Series Fan. What does that mean for you? More oxygen, cooler temperatures, and faster rooting!

The Elite Series Fan decreases propagation time by pumping fresh, cool air into the reservoir and cooling chambers around the basin at a higher rate of speed. As the air is pumped into the cloning unit, it mixes with the fine droplets being propelled from the spray jets and cools the waters temperature. With cooler water temperatures, oxygen is broken down more efficiently, increasing the amount of dissolved oxygen delivered to the clones!
Reinforced Basin
Have you experienced bowing with your current cloner? We felt your pain and reinforced the siding on our Elite Series Cloners. No more bowing or spilling from the reservoir so that you can pick up and transport your cloning system worry-free.

Heat-Resistant Coating
Often, darker colors attract and retain heat. The TurboKlone Elite Series has improved the traditional cloner design by adding a light grey coating that reflects light, keeping the interior temperature of your cloning system cooler and more efficient.

Vented Humidity Dome (144 model only)
Humidity is key to propagating healthy plants. If the cloning environment does not have the proper moisture content, you may experience dry clones, browning leaves or even burning; minimizing the chance of the clone’s survival. Our Elite Cloners not only offers a high quality dome to trap in humidity, but we took it a step further by adding adjustable ventilation. Close the vents for full humidity or open them incrementally to achieve optimal growing conditions.


TurboKlone Cloners, the fastest, easiest and best way to replicate your favourite plants!
TurboKlone® offers the most effective and streamlined aeroponic cloning systems on the market. Through its patented design, TurboKlone cloning systems offer a wide array of planting site options while lowering the temperature of the growing environment and increasing the oxygen content of the water.
Built-In Fan
TurboKlone is the only aeroponic cloning system with a built-in fan to help regulate the temperature of both the water and the air inside of the basin. Other cloning systems have an enclosed design that does not allow for sufficient ventilation. When you combine this design with the heat generated from the pump, you end up with hot, stagnant air and warm water that does not adequately break down oxygen.
Lowers The Temperature
With TurboKlone’s patented design, a fan pushes air into the reservoir and the surrounding cooling chamber. The cool air from the fan mixes with the fine droplets of the water spraying up from the manifold. This lowers the temperature of the air and water, allowing oxygen to be broken down more efficiently. By maximizing the concentration of dissolved oxygen, Turboklone creates optimal conditions for roots to flourish.



The TurboKlone® Elite 144 is currently the largest self-cooled Cloning System on the market. With 144 clone sites, it is everything you need to propagate clones in your large-scale or commercial growing environment. We’ve taken our widely respected Black Label T144 unit and made it even better. (Vented Humidity domes are available for all TurboKlone Elite unit

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