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A Powerful Nitrogen Synergist

Nitrogen plays major part in protein synthesis and in the energy metabolism, which is essential for the development of the plant.
Nitrogen is also an essential nutritional element for improving the juice production.
The liquid can be directly absorbed by the plant and improves vegetative growth.
NITRO+ can be used for nutrient deficiency and as a supplementary nutrient to stimulate growth.
Use THC NITRO+ if you want explosive fast growth,
greener green and increased uptake!

BENEFITS: THC NITRO+ is a powerful nitrogen synergist.
A combination of nitrogen and organic humates, which effectively addresses many of shortcomings of nitrogen in horticulture.
NITRO+ is held in root zone for much longer, resulting in maximum nitrogen utilisation and reduced leaching.
NITRO+ includes a potent carbon source to prevent nitrogen related carbon depletion.
NITRO+ humates improve medium structure, release locked up nutrients and promote soil microorganisms. The humic acid component improves
the performance of all other applied nutrients.

APPLICATION: To be used as a Nitrogen fertilizer to promote healthy
improved growth development and in case of Nitrogen deficiency.

THC NITRO+ concentrate is available in 1,5 and 20 Litres.

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