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• 100% Natural sustainable substrate & certified organic for horticulture.
• Processed and manufactured under strict Dutch RHP Quality Standards.
• Carefully sieved, aged, washed and buffered with Calcium (Ca) and Magnesium (Mg) to guarantee a safe growing medium with superior properties for rapid performance.
• Stable structure of substrate throughout the crop life thanks to its slow degradation.
• Growing medium won’t deteriorate or shrink during the cycle due to Lignin and Cellulose ratio properties.
• Added Husk Chips for increased drainage and air to water ratio for ultimate performance.
• High Air percentage and excellent drainage for rapid root development and maximum nutrient delivery.
• Ensures great and even distribution of moisture for superior performance.
• Contains Trichoderma, a beneficial bacteria that aids in protection against root diseases.
• Very low EC and stable pH.
• THC® Buffered Coco Pro Chips is the “GROWING BENCHMARK™”.

THC Buffered Coco Pro Chips is a 100% natural growing medium that has an exceptional capacity for absorbing and distributing water, and with addition of RHP Husk Chips has increased air porosity.
THC Coco Pro Chips has virtually no degradation making it more stable than any other organic substrate.
THC Coco Pro Chips retains it’s good drainage thanks to its coco dust, husk, fibre and chips ratio for a very long time.
It’s very high air percentage allows for very rapid root development and faster vigorous growth with superior nutrient delivery.
THC Coco Pro Chips is buffered organic growing medium that is free from harmful pests or soil diseases, has optimum air-water system, contains Trichoderma that allows for rapid development of the plant and start of cultivation.
THC Coco Pro Chips optimum properties give great cultivating advantage to the grower and plants.
THC Coco Pro Chips is suitable for growing vegetables, fruit bearing, flowering and other favourite plants.
Further more THC Coco Pro Chips can also be used as a soil improver.
To produce the “Growing Benchmark™” RHP certified natural organic substrate, process begins in India with selection of finest coconuts to produce coco coir and coco peat. Once husks have been received they are separated, sieved, aged and washed to free salts soluble in water.
However the cells of even the best coconut husks still contain elements such as Potassium (K), Sodium (Na) and Chloride (CI) bound inside to the coconut complex. Those salts inhibit the growth of plants as they are released when they come in contact with fertiliser.
If left untreated (unbuffered) nutrients would become inaccessible for plants, resulting in Calcium (Ca) and Magnesium (Mg) deficiencies, further more the high salt concentration would cause roots to burn.
That’s why THC Coco Pro Chips is buffered, pre-treated with Calcium Nitrate (Ca[NO3]2) and Magnesium Sulphate (MgSO4)
to remove the salts from the coco cells to avoid the nutrients lockout.
This process results in a guaranteed safe growing medium, optimised for rapid growth and root development.
THC Coco Pro Chips bears the quality mark of the Dutch inspection organisation RHP, which ensures that this product meets the most stringent quality requirements.
Husk Chips are derived from the rough exterior shells of the coconut, and are primeraly used creating enriched potting mix and as chips that provide effective ground cover for flower beds around plant base in garden settings. The husk is mainly composed of Lignin rather than Cellulose. Lignin requires many more steps to break down than Cellulose the main constituent of wood and bark products, and so would not appear to be subject to the same wood-rot bacterial action. Lignin and Cellulose has long lasting physical properties and resists degrading.
Further more as they are naturally high in Lignins, compound that encourages the development of beneficial bacteria within root zone to promote resistance to diseases while building beneficial flora.
Husk Chips make excellent growing medium enrichment because they interact with nutrients and hold on to Calcium (Ca) and Magnesium (Mg) while slowly releasing Potassium (K) and Nitrogen (N).
Extensive development and research has proven that the magic ratio number that is ideal for optimum water capacity to air ratio
and capillary action is 60/40 (chips/coco), delivering increased drainage and air porosity for maximum oxygen and nutrient delivery.
THC Coco Pro Chips 60/40 is the ideal substrate for oxygen hungry rooted plants or where increase drainage is required, such as orchids.
THC Coco Pro Chips 60/40 blend offers unique moisture retaining capacity while delivering ultimate drainage and maximum air porosity
due to its open pore structure that aids in faster and more efficient nutrient delivery and rapid root development.
THC Coco Pro Chips 60/40 mix is of the highest and cleanest quality guarantee, to deliver the ultimate enriched coco/chips blend
that resists breaking down and compacting during cycle to ensure optimum conditions for your plant to flourish.
The water holding capacity along with air porosity is vital in growing your plants successfully.
Increased drainage, air to water ratio results in healthier, faster and vigorous plant development.
THC Coco Pro Chips are treated and completely pest and disease free, pH stable and extremely light weight. THC® The Growing Benchmark™
Store in a cool dry place above 4°C.
Loosen THC Coco Pro Chips before filling pots. Airily fill pots, than add water with pH 6.0 until some drainage occurs.
For best results use THC Coco A+B or other certified coco specific base nutrients.
MANUAL: Give water daily with half strength specific coco fertiliser or alternate between full strength fertiliser and water only.
AUTOMATIC: 2-4 times a day with coco specific fertiliser, achieving 30% run off.

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